Aerial Cinematography, the ground to air

solutions company.


Every now and then, something new comes along that breaks all conventions, elevates the horizon and sets new production standards.

Aerial Cinematography is a UAV based company with a difference. We aim to make aerial video production a breeze.

We can supply CAA-approved UAV services with a professional film/video crew to work on set.

Our post-production skills are second-to-none. Using the 4K DNG, DaVinci Resolve and Avid, we can create stunning cinematic footage.

Why hire two crews when you can do it all with one?

Aerial Cinematography is a one-stop solution, delivering ground-based video shooting coupled with the latest drone and UAV technology.


What we do

Drone Video Productions

From simple concept to complex shoot we can supply ground video crew inclusive of aerial services.

Aerial Cinematography

Single Operator or Dual operator drone video services with Inspire 2 drone up to 5k raw shooting resolution.

Post Production

From simple grade to complex edit we have the knowledge to deliver you final footage to your requirements.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveying and inspections for the building industry.


Ground Production Services


We have a background in shooting commercials, corporate films, music videos and feature films and mastered our craft before we took our drones to the sky. This means we are in a unique position to offer air to ground production services all in one.

Why book a separate UAV crew when you can combine the two in one? We can make your creative ideas come to life and can take the pressure off your production by supplying additional crew and post production requirements.


Our Production Ethos


The versatility of the DJI Inspire 2 drone has made us rethink video production from the ground up.

The advanced technological capabilities make previously impossible ideas possible while working to tight production budgets.

From precise, controlled jib-like movements to high in the sky establishing shots, it all becomes effortlessly achievable thanks to the latest advances in drone technology.

The X5S gimbal camera, fitted with professional lenses, can be further used on the ground and its DNG-based 4K footage can be easily graded to match any other camera used on set.


Get in Touch!


From a single shot to a complex production and extensive post-production, Aerial Cinematography is a one-stop solution. Get in touch: we’d love to chat with you, be it to dispense simple advice or to plot a detailed shoot. From a solo flying drone crew to a two-man drone crew with full ground production crew support, we’ve got you covered.

Let the sky be the limit!


Safety First


Our pilots are fully qualified BNUC-S and and we have CAA approval for commercial aerial filming and liability insurance up to £ 2,000,000.

A site survey taking into account all possible risks will be carried out prior to any drone shoot and CAA permission due to airspace or “congested area” will be arranged by Aerial Cinematography.